“The story boasts a well-developed cast of characters, some surprising twists, and it takes place in a mansion full of secrets. What more could you want?”


“In this second installment of a mystery series, a Mississippi private detective works a missing person case . . . rife with genuine surprises and dark, indelible moments. A haunting tale of the sometimes-menacing side of a family.”

—Kirkus Review 2020 for Pearl River Mansion

“A fast-paced, challenging thriller that shows promise for future volumes of a planned series. An auspicious series starter that blends murder, bad medicine, and screwed-up family dynamics.”

Kirkus Reviews 2016

“I really enjoyed this first novel by attorney Richard Schwartz. Very interesting characters and a plot that keeps you guessing until the end. Can’t wait to read the next book.”

—Diane Lisenbe, Goodreads Review

“Great characters, great story lines, and a riveting who-done-it that kept me in suspense. Two Dead and Counting… is a good indicator that John Grisham won’t be the only best-selling lawyer/author from Mississippi!”

—Susan Marquez, Amazon Review

“Schwartz Brings Mystery to USM Bookstore”

The Student Printz

“I proofread for two authors, and seriously, it aggravated me to have to stop reading for bathroom breaks! I read at least one book a day since I retired, and this is the best one I’ve read in a long time. James Patterson has nothing on Richard Schwartz!”

—Wanda Herrington

“A Perfect Southern almost Gothic tale that could easily belong to any number of plantation owners. There are characters to love, to hate, and characters to change your mind about more than once. You made me care about your characters, and that matters to me!”

—Jane Bond

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